Hi, I'm

Souhail Maraoui

Software engineer, and a master's graduate from University of Sherbrooke.
This website is my interactive resume, where you can learn more about me and all the things I have worked on.

{About me}

Hello! My name is Souhail, and I enjoy learning and building new things. My interest in development started back in 2014 in my first year of High School — and later turned out to be a hobby I spent most of my time doing.

In the following years, I've had the privilege of working with a Ph.D. candidate to implement their thesis. I collaborated with two governmental institutions to develop a prototype for digitizing their services. Additionally, I had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of amazing and supportive professors and instructors. Followed by my experience in Canada which was particularly enriching, as I worked on multiple research projects with various partners across a wide range of fields from healthcare and education to IoT and Cloud.

*My Work*

Cooperatives Stats

Created a web application to digitize the process of managing, monitoring and assessing local cooperatives. The website provides an interface for both the cooperative manager to submit relevant data (number of members, earnings, loses...) to feed the database, as well as an interface for admins to keep track of the progress of cooperatives.

BackEnd : Spring Boot Google Cloud App Engine Cloud Build SQL SQL AppEngine CloudBuild Firebase Firestore Firestore DevOps

FrontEnd: Node.JS React Axios Firebase Web Hosting FirebaseHosting

Protection Civile

Work on a prototype that digitize the management of the state ressources, and the process of dispatching them to local incidents, in order to improve the efficiency of interventions and optimize them.

Java SQLite Swing OpenStreetMaps

Projects Management System

Implemnted in collaborations with a PhD condidate the theoretical concepts from his thesis of managing projects and prioritizing them in an Entrerprise.

Java JavaFX SQLite

Other noteworthy projects

Year Title Built with Links
2021 Current Portfolio Static Website HTML CSS JS HTML CSS JS Firebase Web Hosting FirebaseHosting DevOps
2020 Metacritic Scraper Java NoSQL XML NoSQL:XML
2019 iTask : Gamified Todo app Android Studio Firebase Authentication Firestore FirebaseAuthentication FireStore
2018 Gesture Recognition with Webcam Python TensorFLow OpenCV2
2018 Java Fighting Game Java GameEngines


In my goal to start gaining the valuable international experience, I've made the decision to find a job, to not only continue my never ending path of learning, but also to learn more about the Canadian culture that I came to admire more and more.

If you liked my profile and have an offer for me, or just want to say Hi, my inbox is always open.